VT Scada is a monitoring and control software for industrial machinery developed by the Canadian company Trihedral. It is a software build in order to supervise and control millions of inputs/outputs on a single server, providing stability and processing speed. 

     VT Scada is used in the water and sewage industry, oil and gas, electric power supply, alimentation industry, airport industry, marine industry and other industries that involve the surveillance and control of sensors and equipments.




     VT Scada advantages:

1. It is a proven 31-year old solution that provides a high stability to the software product. The implementations made with this application in the US and Canada prove the compliance with stringent standards of stability and safety.

2. VT Scada is an independent solution which integrates with multiple types of PLCs, HMIs and sensors produced by various manufacturers. The data gathered by the application may be stored in any database.

3. It is a web-based application which may be used from any device connected to the Internet.

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