The result of using software-defined solutions is hyper-converged infrastructure that use a multitude of industry-standard servers to replace highly specialized hardware (e.g. traditional storage systems).
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Hyper-converged infrastructure integrates computing, networking and storage functions in a single physical component, also called data centre in a box. This approach can result in improved resource utilization and simplified system management. Advanced solutions also include data compression, deduplication and automated data smoothing as well as network traffic optimization when replicating data between data centres. We offer servers that are preconfigured as hyper-converged infrastructure or we build them using general purpose servers and software that enables hyper-convergence.

  •  Simplified hardware

The system is integrated on general purpose servers.

  • Simple scalability

By adding or removing servers, available capacities can be scaled up or down simply and quickly.

  • Intuitive operation

Management solutions include familiar and popular tools by proven providers.

  • IT team homogeneity

There is no need to separate IT teams into individual segments (network, storage, etc.).